Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet boy.

In true Reece fashion, we had bumps, bruises, and scrapes on his birthday.
He got a basketball hoop. Hoping to have another outlet for all that energy!

Those eyes...

So excited to see Woody and cake since junkfood is his favorite food group.

We really kept things lighter on the gift side this year. He got a basketball hoop, Toy Story movie, Woodie from us. Don't worry he has Buzz too that was in his Easter basket.

I asked Avery to put the sprinkles on and she used the whole bottle. Reece's name is under there somewhere!

Attempting a hug during all the excitement.

Love my little buddy. He's my greatest challenge, but also brings the hardiest laughs.
I love you Reece. I can't wait to see what kind of man you are going to grow up to be. Your daddy is doing an amazing job teaching you how to treat a lady and I know he loves that you follow him around everywhere with your "tools" and copy everything he does. You're starting to help daddy a lot and even loved using your wagon to spread mulch around the yard!
Your sisters and I will probably drive you crazy wiht all the talking and "girly" stuff, but I think God gave you a strong, sweet, silly personality to handle that!

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Julie said...

Love all these new pics! That cream colored sweater set looks fab!!!

And in true boy fashion, it wouldn't be a day with a bump, scrape or bruise!!

Happy Birthday Reece! Sorry I'm a day late!

AmyS said...

Hey!! Don't forget about the gift from us in the basement....hee hee!!

LaRae Davenport said...

so cute!! I didn't know it was his birthday!!! That cake looks delicious, I'm sure he freaked over that! :)