Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feeling productive....

while sitting and doing nothing.

This morning we dropped Reece off at preschool and headed over to Target for a few groceries. Then went to Starbucks. I registered my birthday gift card and am now getting tons of coupons in the mail. So for 1.38 I got a breakfast sandwich, grande hot chocolate (salted caramel, yum) and Avery's chocolate milk. We then headed to the library and proceeded to check out books, search the card catalog (finally got my hands on Clean Food) and some audio books. Avery even played on the computer for the first time.

Then we picked Reece back up, came home, ate lunch, and they played outside. Now.... I'm finally letting go. I don't mind them playing in the back yard without me as it is all fence in, but I haven't let them play in the driveway alone because I can't see them the whole time. But I realized that lots of other moms with kids the same age let them play there so I am attempting to be less controlling. I park the van sideways across the driveway so they can't go past it into the street and so far they have followed the rules.

So while they were out having running- around -getting- tired -in- the- cold time, I was able to get the dishwasher loaded, make lunch, start the washer and dryer, make my bed, and pick up the first floor. It suddenly dawned on me that this is a win-win situation. I get some time to finish some work and they have a blast playing outside. I don't freeze to death or get a runny nose standing out there watching them and they aren't stuck inside with a grouchy controlling mommy. I'm a genius. Or maybe an idiot for taking this long to figure it out. ha!

Back to the title. Right now my dishes are getting washed, my clothes are getting cleaned, and dried and I am sitting here on the computer. I love modern technology.

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