Thursday, October 21, 2010

Got Some Beef

The kiddos and I pulled on our wellies today and headed out to Leaping Waters farm for our next round of produce and beef. What is it about fall that makes me want to stockpile? Must be leftover from the pioneer days, but I start panicking if the freezer looks too empty. Silly I know. There's 5 grocery stores within 5 miles of my house. But there is such satisfaction in having a shelf of jam we made this summer. A shelf of soups made from summer produce. A door full of frozen veggies. And now a shelf of organic grass fed beef. In a few more weeks we'll get more beef, a couple of turkeys, and some breads that will finish it out for winter. So much easier when it's cold and yucky outside and we're busy with school and activities to just pull stuff out and have dinner already.

Now I am going to find the most beautiful arrangement to make with the pumpkins and gourds we got from the farm. I can already smell the pumpkin pie in the oven.

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Chartering New Waters said...

I really liked this post, too bad it didn't have a picture of the stockpile!