Friday, May 6, 2011


Whew.... what a crazy two weeks it has been. As previously posted, my sweet little man had pneumonia. Of course he didn't know he had it. He played and ran around like nothing was wrong. How can kids do that? He stayed home for two weeks from preschool and I attempted to keep a four year old little boy calm and rested. Did I mention the steroids yet? Oh my word.... seriously insane. I have not had any contact with steroids myself or with the kiddos yet. I had no idea they made little boys mean and nasty. Normally Reece is active, but fun-loving. He turned into Evil Reece. Pushing his sisters down the stairs, hitting me, screaming, spitting. It was disturbing. Thankfully that was only 4 days, but some of the longest of my life. It was a minute by minute kind of week.

Thankfully my buddy is back to his lego building, mighty machine watching, digging in the yard self!

Then I had a stomach "episode" that was a lot of fun. Had an ultra sound and I may have a spastic colon. TMI? I thought so. So it's just been all kinds of awesome around here.

The last two days are finally feeling more like normal and we have a fun weekend coming up. The awana grand prix, mother's day lunch. Fun Fun.

I have been spray painting like crazy. I went into re-decorate/organize mode. As soon as I get a chance I will take lots of pics to post on here. No room, drawer, closet, or knick-knack is safe. And apparently my 6 year old daughter has my disease. She drew three "design" books like she watches on HGTV (yes, she loves that channel and I love her ;) ) So we rearranged the girls room, much to her demands, and I love it even more. Reece may even have some of the sickness as he then insisted his room be "changed" too.

The above picture is a sneak peek. The funny thing? It's two weeks old and things are already really different! But that coffee table was a new find. Just needs one more coat of paint!

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knitpic said...

Well it did look super cute! Love the white accents. Is is still cute?

Julie said...

Love the changes! Looks great!