Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a week...

This pic has nothing to do with the blog entry. It just makes me smile.
Well, some kind of digestive yuckiness hit our house this week. Not fun for mommy at all. Shane was gone this week on a business trip so I was determined to get a bunch of projects done. Ha! That was my first mistake. Instead it was a week of total survival. Not one night of sleep (hard to do when each person is sick on a different night), cabin fever, rain every day... well let's just say it was a perfect storm and epic fail as a mom. We did get some outside time yesterday so that helped a lot. And last night was the first night sleep. Of course at 5 a.m. Reece came in to sleep with me and peed in my bed. Awesome. ha! Seriously didn't make a dent in the laundry pile because I had to keep washing everybody's bedding over and over again.

All this whining to say, that I am thankful that there's always a new day, another new week. To try again. And hubs comes home tonight....thank goodness.

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