Thursday, June 9, 2011

Now I have two homeschoolers!

The last few weeks have seemed like a blur. My baby graduated from preschool. We decided that although Reece was only four because he really wanted to do school home with Avery we would graduate him a year early. So now I will have a first grader and kindergartener homeschooling next year. Wow!
He absolutely loved his experience at preschool, but we realized that he felt like he was really missing out at home. So this summer I am going to work on a few basic skills with him to get him ready for the kindergarten curriculum. Because he is younger I will not pressure him to finish all his books in one year. The funny thing that happens with homeschooling is the younger kids seem to start wanting to school earlier and earlier. And because they are involved in schoolwork with their older siblings they end up picking up way more than I ever thought.
Reece has been sitting in on Avery's school most of this school year. Thankfully the Sonlight curriculum we used was easy to adapt so that he could participate. He did all the science and history activities with Avery and wanted to do "independent" work when Avery did.
I am even more excited for this coming year. I've decided to break from buying a complete curriculum box and piecing mine together from different companies.

Math: Singapore

Science: Apologia-- Land Animals (this covers geography, landscapes, experiments, etc)

Bible: Character Sketches (this is what the Duggars use)

Literature: Living Book approach (meaning we will read classic literature and base assignments off of that... on my NOOK I was able to download 50 classics for $2.99!) Some of the books on the list are Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Swiss Family Robinson, Anne of Green Gables, Bobbsey Twins

This is the basics I am teaching. There will be lessons on manners, nature walks, P.E., and socialization mixed in there too.

People ask how I keep the kids socialized and active and here are some of the things we've been doing.

Avery is in ballet, gymnastics, she will starting piano and soccer in the fall, she is with friends at least 3-5 x's a week

Reece is in gymnastics, will start soccer in the fall, and is also with friends 3-5x's a week

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knitpic said...

One of my favorite times of my childhood is of my mom reading me "Heidi" when I was sick. Please read outloud to them. I can still hear her voice and remember how great a time it was for me.

And why are you teaching Singapore math? Isn't american hard enough?

Lindsay Rich said...