Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Bathroom, sort of


Well we decided we couldn't take the builder's grade bathroom anymore. So on a whim Shane and I tore out the fixtures and floor (when I say Shane and I---I mean mostly him). I painted the walls classic silver (a behr color) and Shane has put wainscoting, trim, and is now tiling the floors.

A note about the color grey. I really wanted a bluish hint to the grey. The originial color we bought (grey timber wolf, sherwin williams) turned an ugly shade of purple in our bathroom. It looked like the charcoal color that I wanted, but it was nasty. So it ended up costing more and an hour of looking at every shade of grey at three different stores before I found a true grey color. We had even looked at 10 different samples at home in the bathroom before deciding on the wolf color, but it just did not look good at all. So color is always trial and error. In ten years of painting I have only "whoopsed" twice. I think that after painting four houses that's pretty good odds.

I just realized the photos are sideways, sorry about that. I'll post more when done. I can't wait to decorate!

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