Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where did June go?

WOW did a month just fly by or what!?!

The sad thing is that I hardly took any pictures. I have taken a break from everything the last few weeks. We ended up taking the month of June off for school, didn't blog, and have stayed home quite a bit from our month of traveling. I think I needed to just veg after a trip to D.C., a trip to see my lovely sister in N.C., a trip to Ohio too. Whew! No wonder I took some time off.

This week we are back in the swing of things. Our summer book club started and we are reading Ann Voskamp's 1000 gifts. We are back to church. ( I love the routine of being in my church on Sundays missed that so much over the last few weeks.)

Then on Sunday afternoon we decided to finally tear up the basement: rearrange and purge. Reading the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker has given Shane and I the encouragement to get it done. I am embarrassed to say that we have filled the trailer up once and need to go donate it so that we can fill it again!

It looks so good down there. We have some arranging (and trashing) to do in the one corner before I can post pictures, but Shane and I felt like our basement "grew up." We moved all the kids stuff to the back corner behind curtains and it is SOOOOO much better down there. I even bought new bedding which I don't normally do, but I found something that had a fabulous print and I didn't have to buy all new accessories! I literally had enough to decorate the basement and not buy ANYTHING.

I wanted to post this sewing project I did when my mom was here. I have a serger now and she was here to show me how to use it. I am so excited about it because it makes things so much easier! I am a little frustrated because we have been concentrating on the basement and that means my sewing stuff is in piles up in my "office". Which is actually a good thing because I am moving my sewing upstairs in front of a big sunny window and will be much more likely to sew. That is the last thing to get organized tho with the basement underway. My main goal is to have everything in the house done by Labor Day so that when we start school I am not overwhelmed and we can learn and sew and have FUN!
 Ok, back to the project. These pants were so EASY! I used a pattern I got for 99 cents and even I could follow it for the most part.
 Avery loves to be the model!
 Nini hard at work fixing my mistakes no doubt! The fabric I got from Farmhouse fabrics.

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