Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reece and the Dentist: part one

Thankfully I was able to switch dentists! Our previous dentist called me a liar (in front of my children) and told me my kids teeth are bad because I let them sleep with juice cups as babies. Ummm, no actually they are only allowed juice at breakfast then water the rest of the day and as a treat at a restaurant they can get a chocolate milk or lemonade. Anyway, it took me almost a year to get into another pediatric dentist in town who IS GREAT! No judgements, just solutions! Hallelujah! And by the way, I blame the organic toothpaste we used up until six months ago for my kids bad teeth. Back to Crest for us! She also said that all kids should have a parent brush their teeth until they are at LEAST 8! 
Blogger loaded these in a random fashion. Speaking of fashion. Here is Avery wearing her outfit NINI made her for our Little House in the Big Woods unit. I am not sure that Laura Ingalls had painted toe nails and ballet moves, but you get the idea!

here is Reece. And his clean white teeth. But lurking in the very back.... are two cavities so bad that he has to have two crowns! I don't even have a crown! I have always had really good teeth (minus the 4 years of braces because of crowding ---when i was 30!) but have never dealt with the kind of decay my two oldest kids do. So in a month little man will be getting some laughing gas and two bright silver crowns in his mouth. He was very bummed to find out that none of his baby teeth are quite ready to come out. But he did get to see them on the x-ray and could see they are moving down!

And the kids have been switched to good old kids CREST toothpaste with fluoride. I am hoping that will help. 

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