Friday, February 1, 2013

This week

I found this yarn bowl awhile ago and would love to find one to purchase. How delicious is it?

The book Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson arrived this week. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! Now if I can just get a few minutes to sit and read it where I don't fall asleep.

My latest and greatest purchase is this electric kettle. This thing rocks! Kids want hot chocolate? Sure give me 1 one minute. It is so fast and you can adjust the temperature. It lets you know when it's done. It shuts off on its own so I won't burn the house down. And the cord stores inside the base. Can't say enough good things about it. I have made tea, oatmeal, hot chocolate, etc. This week and it saved me lots of steps and dirty pots. Which anyway to have less dishes to wash is a winner!!!!

Here's the packaging. At Target for $39.99

I am starting the Dig with the kids and while browsing through one of my new favorite blogs: ....I found these awesome sticker books.

They are cheap enough $6 or so and free shipping with Amazon Prime, that I got one for Avery and one for Reece. Trying to do some more hands on fun things after plowing through monotony during the fall and my constant morning sickness. I have extreme mommy guilt over all the workbook type school they did and am attempting to make up for it.

And just because what is a post without one of the munchkins? Ellie is obsessed with bandaids. One day last week she had a bandaid on every finger of one hand. And if one fell off she had to have another one replace it or it was full on meltdown. This is a battle I don't fight. Girlfriend, if you want bandaids on your hand all day, go for it! Besides when you have big blue eyes and killer lashes, how can anyone say no?

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Unknown said...

Love the updates! Silly Ellie! That knitting bowl is adorbs! And I just ordered an electric kettle! Can't wait to get it!