Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Week

The remodeling has begun this week. Which just means that my house is a disaster! Huge boxes of cabinets everywhere, no microwave, dust flying.

I am so incredibly grateful for what this kitchen is going to be. But like any mom, the huge disruption and mess  is definitely making me a little cranky. Throw in some pregnancy hormones and I have cried over my kitchen sink every morning this week.

One of those weeks where everything is overwhelming. I have a writing deadline looming, Shane has had to work three weeks straight with only one day off, weather has been yuck so we are stuck inside a lot. Not the best recipe for a happy attitude.

Last night Reece woke us up choking and coughing. I shot out of bed so fast I slammed my hip on the door. That's going to leave a mark! I am so thankful for modern medicine sometimes. And also that he is old enough now to tell us when he needs a breathing treatment. So at 3 am while he breathed on "froggy" (his nebulizer), I cleaned up his room a little bit. Then I curled up with him for an hour or two until I was sure the treatment was working. Thankfully he slept the rest of the night, but then woke up with it all starting again. Back on froggy at 8 am. I love how kids just go with the flow. Right now he's eating cereal as if nothing happened. While I have huge bags under my eyes that no nap or amount of caffeine is going to cure.

So it is definitely a stay in pajamas day. It is also a run through the Panera drive- thru day. I love how those two things go together.

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julie said...

UGH!! That doesn't sound fun - BUT drive thru Panera makes it a bit better!!! Hang in there lady!!