Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clean Sink

One unknown to getting a new kitchen sink is that I want to keep it clean. The kitchen is already so much brighter (and the lighting isn't even in yet!) that I have been getting the sink cleaned out first thing in the morning. Before being preggo I would do it after dinner, but when your hubby can't get home until 7pm and your exhausted, well, those dishes sit overnight and before I didn't even care. Now I wake up and it drives me crazy unless I get it done right away.

It's been helping me focus my morning back with the Lord first thing too. I light a candle, turn on Selah's hymn album, and get to cleaning. There's something about singing those old hymns with a modern twist that seems to calm and quiet my soul.

I just finished my cup of tea and peanut butter toast so that means it is time to get the dishwasher running.

BTW: I did a poll on facebook about a double or single basin sink. Not one person said a single basin sink was a good idea. But when we were at the store I made a very hasty decision and went with the single basin. Got to love a husband that will give into a pregnant woman's whims on an unchangeable expensive decision.

The verdict...... SINGLE BASIN IS AMAZING! I will never go back to double. I love having only one drain to clean, I can wash all the big pots and cookie sheets very easily. It is seriously awesome.

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