Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On My Identity Crisis

A year ago I went to a blogging conference and it was awesome and horrible all in one. I met amazing women, made some incredible professional connections, and was completely devastated at the same time. Because suddenly something that I loved was becoming a formula: full of statistics and numbers. And that awkward thing of promoting one's self. I came home excited and completely overwhelmed. Because blogging no longer was blogging. It was a business- that had demands.

And I fell into the trap and ended up having an identity crisis. Now don't get me wrong. Some of those "professional" blogs are great. But I just kept missing what blogging use to be. Back in 2007 I was one of those weirdos that was blogging when most people thought we were just really weird. And maybe we were/are. But it was so pure then. That's what the appeal was wasn't it? A peak into every day lives. Seeing yourself in someone else. Gaining new ideas. Challenged in my faith.

So over the last year I have tried to find my "niche" as I was told to find at this conference. And guess what? I couldn't find it! And then this week I read this:

...and suddenly I remembered who I was and why I blogged in the first place. Just a normal girl who wanted somewhere to say something and along the way maybe someone might get a chuckle or learn something.

Because she is right. My favorite bloggers break all the rules. The ones that have a ton of followers and comments aren't in a niche. They are just themselves, in the every day. And that's who I am too (without all the followers tho, ha!).

And now that my little crisis is over I can move on and just be me. Writing what's on my mind instead of trying to write to fit into one little box.
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Raechel said...

I loved reading this tonight, Meagan - thank you! Nice to know I'm not alone in 'not having a niche' or feeling sometimes icky about the strategy stuff. So glad you shared!

Unknown said...

I love reading you! Whether it's cooking, cleaning, the kids, random thoughts, it's all you! And I love you and your blog!