Wednesday, June 18, 2014

End of School Celebration!

The Carver kids have completed another year at Brooklyn Academy! Woohoo! This mama is ready to not be the teacher and just be that "fun- mom- that- takes -us- on -cool- summer adventures"! SO we started it out with a yes day. I told them we were off to Target for groceries but we actually got some of those dollar spot build and paint wooden crafts. They had a blast putting those together. Now we just need to find a little creek to test our new sailboats.

First up.... PIZZA!

And then off to Bubblecake for some deliciousness!
Ellie just finished her second year of preschool so we will start K4 here at home with her in September.
Lorelai even got a little cupcake.
My handsome little man Reece finished up first grade. He is awesome at math. And we finally figured out that his lack of wanting to read (he can read just didn't want to do it) actually stemmed from needing glasses. His vision is almost perfect but has astigmatism in both eyes. He has been a different kid in school now that he is sporting those!   We picked up the LEGO movie too and that was our afternoon rest time activity.
Avery Elizabeth finished third grade. She excells in reading. I am guessing she's on about a sixth grade reading level. She's started to read everything in sight. And I can barely keep up with her on her kindle. In January she was struggling so badly with math we actually switched programs and started at the beginning. So she will be doing math through the summer to catch up.
The whole crew!
And a few of this precious baby. She loved smearing icing all over the place.

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Love these pics. Finally back on my computer and catching up. These were great fun!

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