Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm in a new club.

This morning as I was making my bed I glanced out the window and saw three women -very pregnant, walking dogs, and pushing strollers. And I realized I'm in a new club. I'm not in the "young" mom category anymore. Now you're probably thinking DUH you have four kids. But we all have that moment. The one where you don't see yourself in with that group anymore.

I'm now in the "had four not gonna have more" category. The "no way I am not going to be pregnant ever again". Now I wasn't sad. I don't want to suddenly get pregnant and have another baby to be back in the group, but it was definitely defining for me.

I suddenly felt older.

Wiser (well maybe not that). ;)

And I started thinking about 7 and 9 years ago when I was in that stage. I loved it. But you know what else I love. The fact that I have a son who can take out the trash. I have a daughter who loves going with me to get pedicures. I have another daughter who crawls on my lap and tells me I'm her bwest fwend.

I do miss feeling that little kick inside my tummy. And being in awe and overwhelmed with all things new regarding motherhood. The big round belly with the tiny human growing inside.

Hey- maybe tomorrow I'll load up my brood and head out on the walking trails. With my new group. They're pretty cool too. And they're all mine.

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