Sunday, April 12, 2015

Florida Vacation: Saturday Day 1

On Saturday we left for our third trip to Tampa since September. Woohoo!

Shane has been working on a project for almost two years and the last few months of construction and commissioning meant he needed to spend a lot of time down here. And the rule is (I made this up and so far it has worked in my  favor) if he's gone for more than a week then we are going too! 

I'm so thankful for our homeschool lifestyle as it allows us to "school on the go". Shane's job was one of the many reasons we chose homeschooling and we have loved the travel that comes with this. (Just in case you were wondering how we can spend our fifth and sixth weeks of vacation during the school year not at home.)

So back to Day1.

We left home around 11 a.m. Saying good-bye to the puppies since we didn't have the same housing situation as last time. As much as I hated leaving them behind, it is giving me a lot less work of taking them outside multiple times a day and cleaning up after them constantly. So they are happy at home in our house and big yard and we are cramped in a one bedroom hotel suite. I think they are probably missing us, but loving how quiet it is!

We drove all the way from SW VA to Savannah and stayed at the Staybridge hotel. These are great. With four kids it is hard to fit into a one bedroom regular hotel room and these rooms have pull out couches and kitchenettes too. Once we got there (around 5:30pm) we ate dinner and let the kids run out on the putting green at the hotel.

Getting all that pent up energy out of their systems.
 Avery is a tree hugger now.
 Sweet baby girl is still sporting her black eye.
 Ellie wanted to win the race.
 Lorelai was making sure she had lots of protein for her run.
 Lots of shenanigans going on here!
 Ellie zooming by.

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Unknown said...

How fun! Thank you for posting all the pics!

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oakleyses said...
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