Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Fun

Reece Trick or Treating
Bob And Larry: Reece is crying because Bob wouldn't hold him, not because he was scared.

My poor dying ferns.

Avery specifically asked Shane for a "sad" pumpkin along with a pumpkin with a crooked smile (she actually demonstrated exactly how the crooked mouth should look.) I guess I did a good enough job that she was content with my sad pumpkin carving skills.

Reece decided that rolling in our mulch was more fun than looking good.

They were so excited to trick or treating this year.

A rare moment. Thankfully they are starting to play together now.

Big sister always making sure he is safe and little brother always trying to escape!


Julie said...

So fun! Although Halloween is not one of the best, most-Christian holidays, if you stay away from the negative stuff, it is absolutely one of the sweetest things about having kids. The costumes, the fall foods, the trick-or-treating, moments that don't ever seem to last long enough! Love the costumes! And just so you know, Reece will always think it is more fun to play in the mulch and dirt, than to stay looking nice. Just another boy thing! Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

the only reason your pumpkin is sad is because he really is SAD!! You have pretty cute pumpkins. Reece and Avery are adorable!! She has to be the cutest Uniqua I have ever seen!!

KnitPic said...

Thank you for pics. I love them. Almost as good as being there, well, not really, but I can pretend.

LeslieW. said...

So cute! I love kids in costumes! We went out this year too!