Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where's the beef?

My friend Shannon called me desperate to get rid of some of the beef she had bought. She had bought half a cow and needed to unload a little bit of it. The Carvers bought a "little" bit (equivalent to 1/12th) to help her out. The meat is from Shadowchase and they raise all organic grass fed beef. It's pretty tasty.

This may seem like a lot of beef, but it lasts up to two years in the freezer. You will laugh when I tell you that I only bought a little bit because I am putting an order in with Leaping Waters (the one that Sarah are awesome doctor owns) to finish out the rest of our beef needs. If you're thinking "Surely they are going to get heart disease or something from all that beef". Let me assure that organic grass fed cows are much less fatty and much healthier than the beef we get anywhere else. It tastes different too. Much stronger taste. It's amazing how much food tastes and looks different when it's raised and farmed like God intended. TASTY! I'll let you know what we end up doing with all this. Hopefully I'll have some good recipes to share.

The above is Reece being helpful.


Amanda Carver said...

When we come over next time can we have some of this beef? Never wanted red meat till after Caroline. Now, I love it! Save me a steak!=)

Julie said...

That's a lot of beef! Enjoy! It looks so red and tasty! And Reece is such a little boy! So cute with the hair a bit longer!