Thursday, April 16, 2009

Betcha You're Wondering... how I got new pics on here?

Here is me about to cook the most delicious prime rib that Shane and I have ever had. Everyone must try it. Encrust the meat in rock salt, put it in the oven for 12-15 per lb., crack the salt and brush it completely off, and then eat this deliciousness.

The roses I got just because! I am feeling way to spoiled this month.
Reece showing off his faux-hawk. VH1 said these weren't cool. I disagree. I think my boy looks pretty darn handsome!

Do you see the condensation on my coke glass? My old camera would NOT have done that.
Another shot of the flowers. My honey done good! They look so velvety and soft and they smell wonderful.

Although we agreed to not do Easter baskets at all this year (for anybody) (Avery already filled her Easter basket twice before Sunday dinner!) I woke up to an Easter basket with nothing in it but a sweet little digital camera. My honey rocks. I was shocked and had already decided to attempt to live a photo free life (like that would be any fun!) and am very happy with it especially since it's even better than what I had before.

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Julie said...

You are spoiled! Haha! I think all of us Snyder girls managed to marry great husbands! Enjoy your new camera! Like your outift, have you been shopping?

ali said...

I am on the market for a new camera...any suggestions? Enjoy yours - and your prime rib. It sounds tasty!

LaRae Davenport said...

awww how sweet!! I'm so glad you got a new camera!! It looks great, too!!

and Yes, the Prime Rib was INCREDIBLE!!!! Cody was raving about it...that means ALOT, haha!!

Thanks again for having us was so great!! love y'all!

Judy said...

So glad you have a camera now! Did not hear what happened to the other one???

ali said...

I am working on directions for the pillowcase dress...

LeslieW. said...

Awesome! Hooray for Shane! Now, I wanna see some sewing projects!