Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cameraless Sucks Quite Frankly

It totally sucks right now not having a camera. Avery's ballet recital (although for THIRTY DOLLARS I can buy the DVD), Her birthday, weekend at MIL and FIL's house with the cousins, Reece getting his fingers caught in the door of the minivan that is suppose to have censors that won't shut on little hands, Oh wait, maybe not a camera for that. Or how about while I was consoling the poor skinned fingers of my little boy the door shut so fast that my willow trees fell off the top shelf onto Avery's head. Literally on her head. So there I sat, two seconds into the house, with two injured children. I saw both things happen in slow motion. You know when you know it's going to happen, but you can't stop it. I was doing fine with it until I just started having thoughts of Nat*asha R*ichardson. You know like, "oh she's fine"...."that's what they said about Nata*sha....I'm just overreacting....maybe I should be...check AVery for bumps and slurring words...only been a couple of hours...little girl on GMA showed symptoms two days later...on and on and on! Those are the moments I pray Jesus would come back so he could help me raise my kids during the 1000 year reign. Can you imagine? Hey Lord, could you tell me if I should discipline now or love on them? Or how about...Jesus, could heal my little boys boo boo. Or...Jesus, who took the candy out of the basket? Avery, Reece, or Shane? And finally, My Savior could you teach them about you so that they completely understand, never fall away, and always believe. Thanks! While you do that I'll make us some meatloaf.

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ali said...

Glad you had plenty of fun, sorry it was marked by loss of camera and two injured babies. A few weeks ago Camden fell down the entire flight of (wooden) stairs - it actually happened the same day Natasha Richardson died...I was a mess! The dress isn't a pattern - I had heard of pillowcase dresses, so I decided to give it a try sans pattern - VERY easy! Now that I know, I have BIG plans for those little dresses! I will be out of school at the end of May. It would be fun to see you (if you get the chance)!

Julie said...

You are so cute! I love this post! But, may I ask, why meatloaf?

Judy said...

Bless your Heart!! What a glad you are all okay. Loved your visit...miss you.