Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy day

I had to drive to Lexington today (as in VA not KY). It still meant over two and a half hours in the car, an hour at the orthodontist office, and two kids touching every tool in sight. The tech rammed the impression mold down my throat and I was dry heaving all over the place. This gummy stuff was sitting right on the back of my throat and I could not stop gagging. They wouldn't take it out of my mouth so I spent a few minutes gagging over a little black bowl as they are telling me to breath through my nose. HELLO! Air is still going through my passage ways when I am breathing through my nose. Which means every time I took a breath the gook slid down my throat farther. It was horrible. By the time it was done I was shaking and crying and totally mortified!
Thankfully on the way home I spotted a Goodwill store and decided that retail therapy was just what I needed. I can't find my camera right now, so will have to post pics tomorrow. A little tease until then....
30 children's book for 35 cents a piece
green glass vase 85 cents
silver tray 1.00
silver basket 1.25
grey flower pot .55
6 kids movies one dollar a piece
Wendy Bellisimo crib skirt 3.95!!!!!!!!!!! (deal of the year)
3 trucks .55 a piece
mini dollhouse 1.25
glass jar .85
3 pieces of pottery for my sister .95 each

Shane just asked me where the "outflow" of stuff is with all this new "inflow". Isn't he so silly? I have a new hutch that I had to find stuff to put in. Anway, after feeling yucky the last almost three months. I needed something to get off the couch and be excited about. I've got the primer done on the desk for the kitchen that I bought a few weeks ago and after I get a coat or two of black on it I will have that to organize too. My goal is to get the entire first floor "done" in the next few weeks so that when we find out what the baby is we can start the changes upstairs.

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