Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching Up

What the kitchen looks like after a bake off.

This Italian Zuchinni was actually the smaller of the two!

Zuchinni bread, apple crisp, apple pie

Baked apples. A little too much cinnamon.

THe apple corer was way fun and the kids loved it.

Avery trying to copy all the letters and numbers. She sat and did this by herself!

Pictures of the paint and new floors. FInally got all of the baseboards in, just need painted.

A dining room. Made with things from around the house.

Moved the office down here so we can turn the nook in our room into a mini-nursery.

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Amanda Carver said... looks great!!! It must feel good to have them finished.

Julie said...

The house looks great! Well, except for the kitchen sink of course! The maid will get that! Good job Shane on the floors!

James W. Murdock said...

Floors and stuff look good, but the couch needs more pillows. Mostly the kind that you aren't allowed to use as a real pillow, just for looks, ya know.

Kim Amstutz said...

You have such an eye for decor! Your house is beautiful... want to come decorate for me?!!? :)