Monday, September 14, 2009

Day One..AnimalKingdom

Avery and Reece loved all the rides. Even the bus that took us around everywhere was exciting. They thought they were too cool standing up on it and holding the rails.

Shane happened to see Rafiki as we were leaving the park and the kids walked right up to him and got to meet him. We had just come out of the Lion King show so they were pretty excited.

Meeting Mickey was definitely a highlight. Reece now loves Mickey! And Avery had a lot of fun getting autographs in her book.

She wore the sunglasses the whole day!

FIrst shot of the day and not so pretty!

Reece and I on the boat ride from the hotel to Downtown Disney.

Had to keep an eye on this boy. He wanted to lean way over to see everything.

Even Shane had fun on this ride. He was in charge of keeping them in the boat!

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James W. Murdock said...

Awesome! Wish I could have gone!