Monday, January 18, 2010

Boy Room VS. Girls Room

Here is our little man falling asleep for the first time in his big boy bed. I was too chicken to move the crib out the first night. But so far no problems! He loves it.

His room definitely doesn't have the TLC that the girls room received. We still have to paint, find a dresser, move all of the pictures on the wall and get rid of all of his clothes that are dumped on his rocking chair since there isn't a dresser yet. But the vision is there and once things settle down after Ellie comes, we will make this his "big Boy" room.

The girls' room is so precious. It's a light shade of pink called light chiffon by BEHR paint. Picking the color was so hard. Pink can turn out all wrong! This ended up perfect. The room was really sunny when I took the pictures so things aren't as clear in color as I had hoped.

The bedding should be here tomorrow. I ordered the bumper, etc. from Ebay, that is a pale quilted pink. Very simple and it was all brand new in package from Pottery Barn kids. Love a smokin deal! Still have the finishing touches to do. Hangings on the wall, a pillow here and there, her clothes in the changing table. And Avery's headboard needs mounted up high on the wall and painted white.
Notice the light? It is from Target and it is SOOOO sweet. Shane went all out and rewired it to hang in theh center of the room and went to find the medallions too. I think he's pretty over all the girliness and will be glad when we decorate Reece's room. I'm debating about an area rug. Shane doesn't like carpet on carpet, but there is such a huge space in the middle of the room.
I was pretty choked up the entire time we worked on this. It finally made it real and fun. It's been a long 9 months and just 4 more weeks until she comes.

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Chartering New Waters said...

I LOVE's so sweet and chic! I can see the vision for Reece's room too.

Amanda Carver said...

Megan, awww its so sweet. Yeah for sisters, How fun!

Julie said...

Love the girls room! And I too can see where you are going with Reece's room. One question, when I come to visit, I call first dibs on the giraffe chair in Reece's room! Is there a weight limit!? Haha!