Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed in...yes again...

Right now I am sitting on the couch with Reece. He's on his 3rd popsicle and second cartoon. I am reading blogs and catching up on facebook. Shane and Avery headed out in the Jeep to Target and Home Depot. The Jeep has no heat and is a pretty rough ride so I opted not to go and have Ellie bounced into my spine the whole time. I thought we were going to get maybe 6-8 inches and we got at least 12. UGH! It looks pretty now, but my pretty van with the leather heated seats can't get out of the driveway or back up the hill in front of our house. We are hoping that our street gets plowed a little sooner than the last time.

Not going to church this morning made me really cranky. I love Sundays. It means that I get up and get all dressed up (as much as you can when you only have one pair of pants you can wear in public), sing loudly in the car with Avery, and get to church an hour early for worship team practice. It also means doughtnuts and socializing with my peeps. For a SAHM, this is A LOT of adult interaction. Getting to worship God every Sunday surrounded by amazing friends and my church family, sitting next to my hubs with his arm around me, and having the kiddos back in the kid zone learning bible stories... well, it makes me really happy. And after two weeks of dealing with sickness and the restlessness that comes from wanting to be holding your new baby in your arms and not your belly... I'm struggling today.

The positive is that Reece correctly identified all three colors of his popsicles and I have caught up reading some blogs that I have fallen behind on because I've been a mad nester this week. I'm going to look for some energy and a more positive attitude. I know this too shall pass... and in the grand scheme of life is pretty darn great.

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julie said...

Amen sister!! :)

Julie said...

I am so proud of Reece for knowing his colors! Even if it meant he ate 3 popsicles, his Auntie Julie is so proud!

And I hope you are able to get out of the house soon, I was cooped up for two days and I thought I was going crazy!