Monday, January 11, 2010

Nesting in hyperdrive...

I would consider myself a nester pretty much all the time. I love to decorate, clean, organize, all around rearrange things to try and make things better. But being pregnant...poor's been taken to a whole new level.


The phone jack in the middle of the counter in the kitchen has ALWAYS bugged me. Wish I would have noticed that when the house was being built. But last week, it was if it was terr*orist and I was the navy seal chosen to take it out! I'm telling you people, it was AGRESSIVE decorating. ha! Despite the fast that I walk like the hunchback of notre dame and contractions all the time, and really should be spending my time doing other things---I fixed it. I found a plate hanger, found a silver tray and hung it directly over the phone jack. didn't show...but the red phone cord was all over the place. Hmmmmmmm.........scotch tape. Left over from Christmas wrapping it loomed over me. Should I? Is that tacky? I went for it. Behind all of the canisters holding flour, sugar, etc., is about 8 pieces of scotch tape holding that RED phone cord perfectly in place.'s a secret. And if you happen to come over to my house....don't move the canisters. Not sure how long the scotch tape will last. ha!

I emptied the entire master closet and PURGED. Quite frankly, if I don't lose the baby weight quickly there will be more to purge, but I got a really good start. I went through everything. Clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry, even the underwear drawer! ha!

The pantry is calling my name. Just begging to be reorganized. I have an office to set-up since we moved it back upstairs, and the kids are going to get their toys thinned out. They've decided to not clean up and I am too tired to fight them or do it, so they're only getting a few thing in their room and we're going to rotate the bins.

I think it finally hit me that Ellie really is coming and it's only 5 weeks away. I'm panicking that I won't have things ready. I've had cross-country moves during the other two pregnancies and have never had everything put away and set-up ahead of time. The home renovations have put a damper on MY personal schedule of wanting things done, but the projects are almost finished. Shane just has to put the quarter round down in the bathroom, put my most beloved first floor fixtures back (going upstairs everytime you have to go to the bathroom...8 mos preggers...not a good combination), and then I can decorate! ( I finally broke down and bought the rug from Target that I have been oogling for two years. Pictures coming soon as it's done!

Well, I've obviously got lots to do. Monday is laundry day and that means I need to purge the kids dressers and closets and get them completely organized before we add ANOTHER one. :)

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