Thursday, March 18, 2010

Confessions of an obsessed journal buyer...

i admit it. finally to the world. i am obsessed with buying journals. i have a whole desk drawer of them and yet every time i am at tjmaxx, or the dollar store, or anywhere for that matter, i can't help but be drawn to them. i use to journal all the time, but then being a mom happened and that kind of stopped or i would just write when i was mad at shane (sorry babe, it was good for catharsis though).
so in discipling ashley we are reading this book that basically says not journaling is NOT an option. double negative i know...just wanted to catch your attention. so off i go to my drawer and sift through each glorious one, trying to decide who is going to be worthy to be my journal. you would think i was attempting to fix the american health system with as long as it took me. i could have read the old testament by the time i picked one, but oh it was so fabulous. (and in case you were wondering, two kids were sleeping and one was playing three floors away in the basement...bliss!)
after careful consideration, one was chosen. chosen ultimately because the colors matched the book i was reading and it was thin enough to slide into my purse. and yes (because I was sure you were fretting) i matched a pen to the journal too. :)

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Julie said...

I didn't realize your obsession was so strong!! Now everytime I see a journal, I will think of you! And I will probably buy it for you, because I like to add fuel to the fire! Haha! I think you should post of a picture of all your journals! Then we can get a true idea of how deep this matter runs!

LaRae Davenport said...

haha you're hilarious! LOVE IT! :)

Dena said...

so I may need to know why I HAVE to journal and what i should be putting in it - like fun things annie does or says or just whatever?