Monday, March 15, 2010

Five Things Blog-Along: WIFE

I am joining my sister's blog-along and here is the first entry. Go to: to join in the fun.

5 things I do to make it easier at being a wife:

1. Calender on the fridge that we both fill in. Has helped with miscommunication between us on activities or what is coming up in our schedules.

2. Texting- this way even if Shane is in meetings or I have kids yelling in the background we can communicate. We send each other really silly stuff (and sometimes... well, let's just say I hope noone ever reads it...ha!

3. Love and Respect & The Five Love Languages- Our homegroups have done each of these twice and we never tire of learning from them. They have really opened my eyes to that hunk I'm married to, but I still could read these like ten more times!

4. Date Night- We didn't keep this up once the babies came because of childcare issues, so this year the kids were old enough to start Awana. They go to Awana for two hours and Shane and I have date night. Sometimes we just stay home and watch a movie or hang out at Barnes and Noble, but at least we are alone together.

5. Alone Time- We each need time by ourselves during the week. It can only be an hour or two, but it is so good for both of us to get a break from each other, the kids, etc. to just breathe it in. This is getting harder and harder to do, but is totally necessary for us.

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Judy said...

Ellie is just the cutest, prettiest baby! Really, seriously just stikin beautiful! That sounds like YOU, ha. So thankful we can keep up with you on your blog.