Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Tiny

This picture is Ellie's first trip to a restaurant. She loved it. My mom, Ave, Reece, and I went to the Mexican place at the mall. It was quite tasty!

I can't believe how tiny she is. I still pick her up and am shocked at how tiny. And yet she is already growing. She's a month old at the end of the week. I'm trying not to be upset by that. Of course I want her to grow up, but it seems like it is going so fast. It's funny really. It takes until the third baby and my husband telling me no more to really treasure every moment. Not that I didn't with Ave and Reecie, but I was still learning. With Ellie, I'm so relaxed and not running around stressed out. She is really a good baby. Only cries when she's hungry. (Maybe a little too relaxed. I just looked over at her in the swing and realized I didn't shut the tray! Yikes!) It's amazing how she just fits right in with us. A whole entire new little being... and it's as if she's always been here. I love how God does that.

We're feeling better after our bout with the flu. COME ON SPRING! After record lows this winter maybe we could get record highs in March? Wishful thinking I know.

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julie said...

Many praises for getting out the house, huh?! COME ON SPRING ... I feel for you with the winter, even though I'm not "in" it, I can totally imagine how you feel. I'm going to lift you up girl!! ;)
You & Elizabeth (sister) make me want to have another soooo bad!! It just all goes by so fast, every day faster than the one before!! WHAAAA
So happy for you all!! XOXO

knitpic said...

Meg, we look like we are forcing ourselves into the pics-like the photographer was trying to cut us out! I laughed! I look so much like my mom! Weird!