Monday, January 17, 2011


Instead of laundry I have spent the last two hours drawing up plans for the kitchen island I would like Shane to build. Yeah, he's excited.....

We have a three year old house that I love, but the kitchen cabinets and counter space is very limited. We knew that when we bought it and have thought about making some changes ever since. Lately, I have despised being in my kitchen. Not so great when it's suppose to be the heart of the home. But despite rearranging knick knacks and (R Reece wants me to keep typing R's.... rrrrrrrrrr, there you go buddy. He's asking why I spelled his name. He can read!)

Anywho, despite attempting to move things around it just isn't working. I would love the kids to be more involved and don't even get me started about baking. There just isn't room. So enough complaining. I surfed some of my favorite blogs and came up with a plan that is low cost and not a ton of work (at least to me). It also wouldn't involve ripping apart the whole room to get it done.

So here is my list....

1. beadboard backsplash
2. crown molding
3. kitchen island with drawers for small appliances and an electrical outlet with a bookshelf on one end
4. built in bookcase in space between two doors ( there is a HUGE space back there because the cold air return is below so it would be really deep and add a lot to the kitchen's function)
5. granite counter tops

So we'll see..... we need to price things out and visit some restore stores and see what we can find.

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Julie said...

Why don't you post the drawings here? Heehee! I will stop. They are great ideas though! My island is too far away from the stove, so I rarely use it for cooking/baking. It's great for the kids' breakfast and homework times though!