Friday, January 7, 2011

New Attitudes

Today was one of those days I wanted to be productive, but was so tired. I did end up getting quite a few things checked off my list. But it seems so funny now to even write a list with kids. I get half of about ten things done and never seem to be able to start and finish something completely. Like today, I folded laundry, two hours later I put some away, two hours later put another pile away. Cleaned the sink in one bathroom, cleaned the toilet in another, but didn't finish either one. Organized two baskets of clothes on the changing table, but two more to go. I sound like I have ADD, nope, just three kids. Most of the time it is frustrating and makes me angry. But I've been reading James MacDonald's Lord Change My Attitude and have been trying to work on my thoughts. So today I just went with it. My normal attitude would be give up and don't do anything. But I really tried to just do what I could when I could. So maybe the next cleaning day the other toilet, a different sink, and maybe the last two baskets will be cleaned up.

What I do to not go crazy.......

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Michelle said...

Wow you stress me out reading that. I am more the scheduled type, I know what bathroom I am cleaning what day and I don't stray from it or things would be a mess.

Hello Jessica Lynn said...

WOW!! You are super busy!!

Hope you are enjoying the Ninety Day Challenge!!

I just finished typing the notes for this past week up on my blog and you can find them at (its a LONG post so if you want to just skim over it and then comment thats fine) and comments for my latest readings can be posted at for the past week's readings.