Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Times....

I have changed my handbag today. I know ridiculous. And this is only a fraction of the handbags I have. I have been switching through them so much to see which ones I really love and which ones I need to get rid of. I did recently get rid a GARBAGE bag full of them, but alas there is still a whole shelf of them in my coat closet. I haven't allowed myself to buy a new bag for over 7 months. This is HUGE for me. I was buying them every few months. So anyway. Now that I have quit accumulating them I am ready to narrow down the pile even more. I have learned that really I should have spent my money on a few high quality purses then a bunch of lower quality ones. I am a purse snob. I like real leather and those seem to be the ones I use the most. So now I am weeding through the others to see what should go. All in all it is a push to purge our house and whittle down the quantity of stuff that seems to accumulate with kids. We've been slowly getting rid of bags of stuff and trashing broken toys and random pieces. And this is just one area that hurts a little bit, but it feels good to let go all the same.

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