Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New View

So New Year's Eve most people are out partying and eating yummy food. They're dancing the night away and drinking cocktails at midnight. Not me and my hubs! We rearranged furniture and planned out ideas for our basement renovation. So today my chair is in a new spot in the living room and I am liking it. First of all I can see out the front windows and be nosy on  my neighbors. I am also no longer next to the t.v. cabinet and have saved some hearing for the future! Always a plus.

But thanks to  it didn't stop there. We completely rearranged the basement including the beginnings of a big purge. Thankfully the kids didn't notice all the broken pieces of junk going into a trash pile! But hopefully school will run more smoothly out of the dining room and back down into the schoolroom. (it's been too chilly for mama and her little bears down there.) And as usual with kids, once you reorganize everything it is like Christmas morning and all the toys are suddenly amazing again.

And I now have a little slice of peace of my own. We moved the treadmill up two flights of stairs to our bedroom and I am much more motivated to use it now. Especially with the beautiful view out to the mountains in the background.

So... New Year, new views. And a blog that is working....mostly.

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