Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Or the Post with a ridiculous amount of photos...

Here is Ellie who decided right before we left for church to color tiger stripes on her face. Apparently she has watched one too many episodes of Daniel Tiger.
We decided to splurge and buy a bigger t.v. We wanted a 47 inch and of course once again Walmart was out of stock. So tired of waiting we grabbed a 50 inch. Umm, big difference. Now Shane is going to make a wall unit for this thing. And I am lamenting that my pretty lamps no longer fit on the table. That's what we call a first world problem.
My sis surprised me with this diaper clutch. Ok, the surprise was she called me to go to The Pleated Poppy and pick one out. Super cute and I have used it a ton in just the few days I have had it.
And this adorbs kleenex holder came too!
Avery hates wearing jeans and loves dresses. Nini made her this dress and she was so incredibly excited to wear it.
And this is Ellie who threw a TWENTY MINUTE meltdown because she didn't get one. Thankfully Nini offered to make her one right away! And those black circles are from a stamp she found and decided to make some more body art. Is this a precursor to teenage tattoos?
New mailbox! Hubby had a gift card to Home Depot and bought a mailbox. On his own. And it's pretty! I picked out all the flowers and asked for a rock edging. Hubs did all the work.
I bought this fern at HD and kept thinking it would "relax" a little. Umm, it looks like Medusa.
New (to us) couch! Shane hated our other couch. It was narrow and not "man-shoulder" worthy. So we found this beaut on craigslist. Only to arrive and find out we knew the people selling it. Small world! I have to admit publicly that it is insanely comfy! And much more kid friendly.
You know when you buy a $10 pencil sharpener for your homeschool and then you "have" to buy a $30 table to put it on. Yes, another first world problem. I literally had no where to put it now that we are homeschooling through out the house versus having a separate school room. The drawers will house art supplies and such too.

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