Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Working for their keep

Teaching the art of sorting and putting their own clothes away! I decided I was tired of doing the laundry by myself. When you sort and fold six people's laundry only to have three of them wad stuff up on their floor, it can send a person like me straight to Crazyville. So this mama decided it was high time they helped!

First thing I did was assigned each kid their own laundry basket and each one had a different color.
Next I told them we were going to play a really fun game..... Here are their sweet innocent faces before I broke the news. These smarty pants figured out it was work pretty quickly!
Getting to work. This is the munchkins in action.
And here they are all done. I then told them to go immediately to their rooms and put them away. With some groaning they did it.

All in all, it was a success. I had to lower my standards A LOT tho. Dressers were full of wadded up clothes, but I am learning to be okay with that.

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