Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Moment of Pure Bliss

So Quiet...
Today I am sitting in here in silence. Amazing I know. A two year old and a fourth month old and it's QUIET! I slept until 7:45 today. (There was a 4:30 feeding in there.) But I got up, somewhat rested, and made a cup of tea. I even drank it hot. I usually heat it up two or three times and it tastes rancid by the time I finish it. But today I snuggled up in the rocker my mom gave me that actually fits my 5'2" body and read my bible. What a blessing today. I read all about being positive in Nehemiah, which I need right now. This little log cabin we're living in until we move to our new house is bringing me down. But today I want to be positive all day, especially to Shane. I want to have energy to play with Avery and not just survive the day. My life is pretty great. And it's only going to get better. Uh-oh, he awakes! Off for feeding number two. By the way, it's 8:37. That was almost an hour alone! Blessings!!!!

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