Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I love about being a Mom...

1. Having two people that I know absolutely adore me.
2. Having two people that I can shower with love and kisses.
3. Staying home with them.
4. Seeing the world through their eyes.
5. Being silly and making them laugh
6. Watching a piece of my husband walking around in "miniature" form.
7. Watching a miracle happen every day in their growth.
8. Hearing the funny comments or thoughts from Avery.
9. Watching Reece jump in pure joy.
10. There's nothing like watching my children's eyes light up, it makes me tear up seeing them so happy.
11. Dressing them up, it's just a glorified version of playing dolls... let's be honest about that ladies! :)
12. Decorating their rooms.
13. Teaching them new things and watching them then go and do it. I think this process is so amazing.


LeslieW. said...

I love to dress them up too! It is a little shameful, I told Dena that I was going to take a picture of their closets one Wordless Wednesday!

Dena said...

We do like to dress out children and I do like to decorate but the LAUGHTER is the BEST!