Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Of The Best Mom Gadgets and Gizmos

1. My fleurville slingtote diaperbag

2. Dirty diaper baggies for masking the smell while searching desperately for a trash can that is distant from lots of people

3. The shopping cart cover, did anyone see the GMA test that showed this was the most germ infested area, above toilets, playgrounds, dr. offices?

4. The plastic disposable mats for tables and the disposable bibs. Definitely not helping the environment on these two products, but they are amazing in terms of germs and keeping the diaper bag clean!

5. My "hooter hider" for breastfeeding, super cute and trendy, but very helpful in making me feel less embarassed.

6. Hylands teething tablets, Avery thought they were candy and I actually got some sleep.

7. Finally finding organic snacks in little bags to throw in the diaper bag

8. Avalon Organics baby soap, sunscreen, powder, etc. Smells good, safe to use, no toxins.

9. The baby bjorn, my son hates the carseat and shopping has become so much easier since I started putting him in this instead.

10. Babygap socks, they have a line of stitching through the middle to keep them on Reece's feet, he can't reallly even pull them off yet!

11. Purell, for all of us germaphobes out there! I even bathed Avery's feet in it after one trip to Chick-fil-a without socks!

12. Rainforest aquarium thing that hooks onto the crib. Reece actually falls asleep finally on his own. Definitely not the poster child for babywise like Avery was.

13. My Peg-Perego double stroller that I found half off at BabiesRUs before I was even pregnant with Reece!

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LeslieW. said...

That is a great list...I may have to get my buggy bag back out now that it is going to be sick season again! I love baby stuff, it makes being a mommy so much more interesting!