Friday, May 23, 2008

Caroline Elle is here...

It was amazing. I had to race an hour and half to try and get there in time. Amanda had invited me into the room a month ago and there was no way I was going to miss my little niece coming into this world. And WOW! It is so totally different watching a birth than when you are the one having the baby. I can't believe our bodies can do that quite frankly.

Caroline is perfect: 6 lbs. 1o oz. 20 inches long. Lots of dark hair. She'll get to wear bows pretty soon!

And yes, I still want more kids after watching. Just not for awhile yet! Amanda got an epideral. It was like we were all just hanging out. My kids came so fast I was just lucky that Shane didn't have to deliver Reece in the car! We just talked and joked around. Manda wasn't in any pain, just tired. I was pretty jealous. My first epideral didn't work and the second one wasn't even a possibility it happened so fast. If we do have another baby I am going to the hospital a week ahead of time just to get the epideral started! HA!

It was a really special gift for Manda to let me in there and I am so thankful that I got to be part of Caroline's life from the first second.


Dena said...

what a precious baby - she is very cute - and you are VERY brave! i would pass out!

Chartering New Waters said...

Oh how adorable!

Amanda Carver said...

So sweet...I was so glad to have you there! You are so good at blogging..I actually had my mom come to your blog to look at this! =)