Monday, December 13, 2010

Back from the Porcelain Throne

The five of us spent the last three days dealing with the stomach flu. It's always so sad to see your kids go through that yuckiness. Especially Ellie, who just kept looking at me like"what is this?". So sad. Today I am staying in my pajamas and hoping to get a little bit of laundry and the pile of dishes. And besides that, not much else. Blogging, knitting, and hopefully a nap later today.

I will tell you this. The Nester was right, as usual! ;) The Mrs. Meyers cleaning products are AMAZING! I am completely obsessed. I have been cleaning floors (on my hands and knees), cupboards, appliances, you name it. This stuff smells amazing. The labels are adorable. And I plan on stocking up every time I go to Walmart. I wish I had the laundry soap already for all the stinky flu towels that need washed. But dragging 3 sick kids to the store right now does seem a little impractical, although tempting.

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