Monday, December 20, 2010

School Days

Just wanted to give an update on homeschooling. It's going great. I love how I can constantly change and tailor the day to each child. And yes, Reece has decided to join us. It definitely changes things. We use to sit for a straight hour and a half (just Ave and I), but now with Reece we do school throughout the day to give his little antsy self time to get rid of some energy. Shane made us an enormous chalkboard with mdf, chalkboard paint, magnet paint, and some trim.I have made some curriculum changes. I bought the entire package of kindergarten from and although I love it, I did see some holes in the curriculum. We added Story of the World, Get Ready for the Code, and Rod and Staff's bible story and coloring books. Avery's becoming a reader and is good at math and Reece is learning his letters and how to write his name.
The actual teaching part isn't what's hard. Keeping them on a schedule and not being distracted by housework and Ellie's schedule are actually the hardest part. They love school and are ready to learn. There are some days where it doesn't go well and we all want to pull our hair out, but overall it's going great.
The best part is that sometimes, as you can see, we have school in our jammies.

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knitpic said...

Love these pics. Can really get a sense of your homeschooling.