Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cute Dress

Today I am completely exhausted and tired of the cold. So instead of whining that I have to take the kiddos in the cold just for Reece to be at school for an hour. Instead, I threw off those yoga pants and 1993 Gap sweatshirt. Put on my boots and a cute dress and am heading for, well, Starbucks and maybe to grab some bananas. But it feels good to look cute even if only for an hour.
I'm hoping for a nap this afternoon. Ellie has chosen to not sleep much the last two nights. I'm pretty sure she's going to pop 8 teeth this week. She's ten months old and still no teeth. They've been hovering under her gumlines for months. I can see the tops of those pearly whites, but they are being stubborn! So I'm hoping Walmart has Hylands Teething Tablets because they worked wonders for the other two.
Avery gets a playdate today and will finally have some girl time, woohoo! She has been amazing playing with her brother the last couple of weeks and deserves some time with dress-up and dolls on the horizon.

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