Thursday, August 23, 2012

A mother's bible and baptism

I had the privilege of attending Cedarville University and one of our speakers made a profound impact on me as a mother today. A lot of speakers impacted me, but today I am talking about just one. And I don't even remember who it was. A man in his 50's I am guessing who held up a bible during chapel and said that he wrote all the time in his bibles. And then he did something amazing with them. He gave them to members of his family. The one he had in chapel that day I believe he said was for his grandson. 
So what does this have to do with me? Well, every Sunday, every conference, every bible study, I mark up my bible like crazy. Knowing that someday it is going to be passed on to one of my kids. I have one bible going for Avery that I started working on right after I heard that speaker. I have started one for Reece and Ellie as well. 

It seems that all of my kids have somehow made their mark and I sign and date it. It makes me smile when I land on that page.

I also tape things inside like character sheets and photos.
VERY excited to make this entry!

Making lots of marks.

After watching lots of baptisms at church and seeing their cousin Jonah baptized this is the new "activity"

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