Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brooklyn Academy of Arts and Sciences

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Here is our school room. I debated about even posting it because it just so happens that it is getting a makeover this weekend. But here is what it looks like today, in all its glory. Enjoy the papers and markers everywhere, ha!
This is the cart that I just got at IKEA. I wish it would have told me to buy the little cups that hang off the side, but alas it it cupless.

These gold walls are on their way out. Saturday it is getting painted white up 2/3 of the wall and then trimmed out. Those of you know this gold color as OOPS that is really OOPS. AKA baby poop! This desk in the corner is where I sit. Hubs made the chalkboard and the rug is from This is technically the dining room in our house, but having the schoolroom on the main level and out of the basement has been awesome!

The piano has to be in here because we have an open concept house, 27 windows and so many doorways that there is no wall long enough to put it on. I am trying to make it "work" with the decor and I think the pop of white will help once it is painted. The work boxes to the left are still getting organized as this will be our first year using them.

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Dena said...

i LOVE that you have a chandelier in your classroom!!!

Lynette said...

Love your big chalkboard! Great room!

cmc :) said...

Aren't dining rooms/school rooms great? :) Can't wait to see the made-over version too. Question: where did you find your "Love Jesus" poster?

Cat said...

When we moved to Blacksburg, the living room was our school room and it really worked well as long as our company was always homeschoolers :-) In Northern VA, we knew a family that turned their piano around backwards and painted the back with chalkboard paint. It made a super blackboard and truly incorporated the piano into their school. It was the first time I had ever heard of chalkboard paint!
I miss homeschooling :-( Can't believe my youngest student is now in medical school! It goes so so quickly!!!