Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Something we have been up to...

First I have to brag on my hubs a little bit. When I opened the microwave the other day this was hanging inside. I had just given the kids their stamp markers from Ikea and he apparently used them to make this note. Love him!

Another trip to Sweet Frog. Shane doesn't like it so the kids and I often go on Saturday afternoons during Ellie's nap. Sorry Ellie!
Reece and Avery
Driving into Ikea. I heard angels singing when I pulled up!

We squeezed in a quick trip to Nashville (more pics later) and got to see Granny.

This hydrangea has got to be one of the most gorgeous I have seen. The petals are HUGE. And such a deep color. Love having them bloom all season long.

My little man. Growing into such a big help and so incredibly smart!
Such a pretty sweet girl and getting so big!

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knitpic said...

Awesome entry! Loved the pics and especially the note in the microwave!
Thank you for making my day!