Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We're back!!!!!!

....says the cysts on my ovaries. Ugh. Was really hoping I was done with this issue. But unforunately I had a rupture last week and haven't felt great since. After crying for a couple of hours, I pulled myself together and got mad. That is usually extremely motivating for me. ha! So I googled, searched, asked, and read for hours trying to figure out what to do. My two options aren't possibilities right now. It seems medical intervention makes me ten times worse. So I am doing something really smart and self-medicating. ha!

But seriously I am going to attempt the natural route. Creams and vitamins and lots of prayer. I am trying to stay positive. A bad attitude comes right along with this "illness" for some reason. Oh yeah that's right my hormones are screwed up wonder! Anywho, I am trying to have a positive attitude and exercise more too.  So will you pray for me? And sorry for the TMI to the two male readers that still read my blog.

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Cat said...

Castor oil hot packs! Soak cotton flannel in castor oil and wring out really well. Place over your ovaries and cover with plastic wrap. Apply a heating pad and leave it on at least an hour. 2 hours is even better. (This is a great time to catch up on knitting) Do at least once a day. This was my grandmother's remedy and it never failed to make me feel better. Keep at it for at least 2 weeks and they may even fade away. I never had the surgery and menopause proved to be my cure :-)