Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby #4!

So in case you don't follow me on facebook then you may not know. We are expecting baby #4 in June 2013. The lack of posting on my blog is a testament to how sick I have been. Unfortunately, Zofran didn't provide the miracles for me that it did with previous pregnancies. My days consisted of the bare essentials and not throwing up. Literally that was it. My awesome husband took over kitchen duty and Avery and Reece have helped a ton with Ellie. The big kids- I have learned -can do so much more than I thought!

Many of you know that the last two years I have suffered from ovarian cysts and at the end of the summer found out that most of my symptoms were actually related to endometriosis. So the dr's best advice was to have another baby.

Much to my surprise, Shane didn't hesitate. He said "let's do it." ( I guess that could be a joke, ha!) Just like that. After two years of yearning for a fourth and him not budging, the threat of me being put into menopause was enough to convince him that a fourth munchkin might not be a bad idea. I am so thankful for that man.

And the story goes that a couple days later I was pregnant. WOW, we were shocked. I have always gotten pregnant easily, but after two years of ruptured cysts I figured my insides were a mess and it would take awhile. God is good! We definitely felt like this baby was the best choice when it happened so fast.

And so now we are ALL in discussion of baby names, room arrangements, and wondering if it's a boy or girl. The entire family says boy. I would love a little girl of course, but most of all I would love for my sweet Reece to have brother.

My morning sickness is actually getting better. I am having a few hours in the morning where I am not fighting it so much and have started cleaning up the house again. Seriously, I kept telling Shane I hope no one shows up unexpectedly because it would be so embarassing. I grew up in a very CLEAN environment and that's how I like it....... but that hasn't been the case the last two months.

So we are heading into the holidays and have much to be thankful for here at PemberleyInk.

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