Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mother-daughter date

My kiddos are always asking for Shane and I to take them on "dates". So we try to do it at least once a week with each of them. This date Avery and I went to Target to get a baby shower gift and we decided that since it was girl time we needed some hot chocolate. We did get the boys some to take home. 
I just want to encourage you to find one on one time with your kids. Especially those of us that have them all day long and they kind of get lumped together as a group. I learn so much about them during these times. Occasionally we will take them out for ice cream, but mostly they are happy to just run an errand and be alone with us. So it does not have to be a budget buster!
I am a firm believer that girls need a strong connection with their dads. So the fact that Shane will take his girls out on little dates is awesome. They get one on one healthy male attention. And I am hoping this translates to them trusting more in their heavenly Father because they have such a great earthly father.

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