Friday, November 9, 2012

Homeschooling is messy

This is my keeping it real picture. Day old dishes. But when you are nauseous 24/7 and can barely walk into the kitchen without losing your meal. This is what your kitchen looks like.

This is Avery's table. I am on the hunt for a real desk for her. But for not this is it. There are always books on it and pieces leftover from projects. I try to keep telling myself there is learning going on in the chaos.
One morning while Ellie was at preschool we even trashed Barnes and Noble!

This is what the floor usually looks like because my kids are constantly creating things. Scrap paper, art supplies, books, random flamingo. You know the usual!
And I finally broke down and gave them a spot to hand their artwork. This stresses me out having paper everywhere but they are so proud of their work. I am trying to relax and let them have freedom with creativity and remember that my home is not a museum. It's a learning environment where my kids can have fun, be safe, and create.

Here they are starting their new drawing books. I was shocked that they both absolutely loved these. I wasn't sure they would like having to follow specific instructions, but they did multiple pages in one sitting.

Reece's desk. Oh mercy. This is actually REALLY clean for this boy. It is usually COVERED in paper and legos. This boy is constantly building something which translates to a HUGE mess.

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