Monday, November 26, 2012

What we are doing for Advent....

***UPDATE*** so apparently one the daily verse advent activities included some verses from the bible AND the book of mormon. if you are mormon this isn't a problem. But for those of you that have printed it out and aren't mormon, you need to take those three verses out and replace them. I am so sorry. It was pinned to many Christian "pinners" and although I looked though it some I obviously didn't look through it very carefully. As an English major I know better and should check my sources!!!

For the first time EVER we are staying home for Christmas. I am so excited. It's actually fun decorating for the holidays. I am putting real presents under the tree instead of the fake ones we have been using for 10 years.

One thing we have never been able to do is Advent. At least we have never finished it. And honestly it's been frustrating. But this year is different. I want it to be somewhat simplistic. There are some great Advent activities out there, but making crafts every day and getting the supplies is stressful for me. So I got on pinterest and found exactly what I was looking for all along.

1. In the evening we will light the advent candle and read a story from the Jesus Storybook bible as a family. I am using the list from this blogger.

2. During our homeschool time we are going to put our regular handwriting and copywork on hold and focus on the names of Christ each day. I am using this list for what to do each day.Avery will keep a journal of the name of Christ and the definition. Reece- who is really still learning to write letters will just write the name and color a picture in his journal. Here is an idea for the journal they will be keeping.

3. For myself, during those moments I want to scream (usually the witching hours of 4-6), I have set up an area in my kitchen where I can read scripture that is relatively quick while I am making dinner. I have a candle to light to help me focus and an advent calender from DaySpring that I got got for $5.99! Here is a link for the calender it is still on sale.

Here is a link to my pinterest board for more ideas.

This is the scripture chain we are using in the homeschool room. It's hanging in the kitchen right now so the kids don't get tempted to start pulling links off. Each link has a scripture to read that corresponds to the name of Christ.

I cut these strips up and put them in the advent calender on my kitchen counter. This is more for me to use during the day.

The directions for the kids paper chain.
Advent calender next to my kitchen sink.I will keep these papers in there year after year.

Our coffee table getting ready for advent. Obviously need to find the other candles!

This is in my kitchen just for me (and Shane if he wants to use it).


Unknown said...

Great ideas, Megan! Looks like it will be a special advent season for you and your family this year.

Lindsay Rich said...

Great post! I am looking for an advent calendar as well!

Amanda Carver said...

Great, totally gonna use the 25 verses one!